PetSafe Seaside Stainless Pet Fountain - 60oz

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Seaside Stainless Pet Fountain

Help your small dog or cat stay happy, healthy and hydrated with the Seaside Stainless Pet Fountain.

This fountain holds almost a half gallon of water and is the most-compact, ultra-quiet stainless steel pet fountain. Water softly bubbles over the tower into the fountain bowl which helps shy dogs and cats feel comfortable taking a sip. The Seaside Stainless Pet Fountain is made with high-quality stainless steel material that is scratch and rust resistant for better durability and safety for your pet. The 360-degree fountain design means that your small dog or cat will be able to sip from any side they choose, and multiple pets can drink all at once.

This pet fountain works hard to ensure your furry friend always has fresh water. A carbon filter and foam filter work together to remove bad tastes, odors and cat hair from their water. At the same time, the fountain pump constantly circulates water to help inhibit bacteria growth.

Place the fountain in the top rack of the dishwasher and hand wash the pump separately. Your pet deserves the best with every sip.



  • 60-oz water capacity is perfect for cats and small dogs
  • Ultra-quiet, bubbling water flow is great for picky or timid pets
  • High-quality, hygienic stainless steel is scratch and rust-resistant
  • Compact size fits perfectly in small spaces
  • Modern, compact design blends in with home décor
  • 360-degree design lets your pet drink water from all sides
  • Dual-filtration removes pet hair, debris, bad tastes and odors
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, hand wash pump separately

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