About Us

Chaar is a locally owned, independent retailer based in Allentown, PA.   We help people from all over the Lehigh Valley find the best products for their animals, their homes, and themselves.

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Chaar began doing business in 2001 under the name Chaar Saddlery and selling only English horseback riding tack and apparel. In 2003 we added horse feed and western tack to our lineup to make a more convenient shopping experience for our customers. As these product lines grew we realized that we were running out of space in our small 5,000 square foot building, we needed to find a bigger location.

In the summer of 2004 we moved from our old location on Allentown Drive to new and much larger store on Airport Road in Allentown, PA. When we moved into the new digs we really had a lot of space, and with all that space we decided it was time to up the convenience for our customers again. This time we added pet supplies to our product lines. It seemed like a logical step because almost everyone with horses has a dog or cat too. As it turned out, our knowledgeable approach to natural and holistic pet foods was a hit and we began serving the horse and pet communities of the Lehigh Valley.

As more people from outside the equine world began shopping with us, some of them took a liking to the clothing and footwear we carry that’s inspired by horsemanship as well as the American western and working heritage. This led us to expand our footwear and apparel offering to serve the diverse needs of customers who demand an authentic, stylish, and timeless wardrobe. Of course, our penchant for product knowledge and service carried into this area too and we’re happy to find the right fit, function, and style for you.

The diverse product mix has made Chaar quite an unusual store on the first impression. But that unusual flair is a big part of who we are. Of course, we tie it all together with knowledge, understanding, and problem solving skills that help our customers find the right products for their passion