Chaar Commercial Accounts

Why use Chaar to outfit your workforce with footwear and/or workwear?

  • Expert staff is trained to deliver the most comfortable fit for work and safety shoes. 
  • Huge selection of durable, comfortable work footwear and apparel with thousands of boots in stock.
  • Open 7-days per week with worker-friendly hours of operation.

Organization types served by Chaar Commercial Accounts:

  • Local, regional, and large business and corporations
  • Municipalities and local governments
  • Non-profit organizations

Region served is the greater Lehigh Valley and surrounding area.

  • Pennsylvania counties: Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon, Monroe, & Bucks
  • New Jersey counties: Warren, Hunterdon, Sussex, & Morris 

Contact us today to set up a commercial account:

What is a commercial account?

A commercial or B2B account with Chaar enables companies and organizations to purchase goods from Chaar on behalf of their employees. One of the most common commercial relationships is one in which a company wants to provide safety shoes or work boots for its employees. Typically the company will work with us to set up a footwear voucher program where employees can come to Chaar and pick out what they want and we in turn will charge or bill your company for the purchase. 

Can I set restrictions or limitations on what my employees can purchase through a commercial account?

Yes. Most commonly, we will work with you to set up a voucher for your employees. The voucher essentially acts as a coupon that entitles the employee to purchase specified items up to a specified price limit. Most companies will cover the full purchase price of the item or items the employee is authorized to buy with the employee being responsible for any additional amount owed for items over the price limit or outside the scope of what the voucher covers. 

Why would I choose a commercial account voucher program instead of a payroll reimbursement for my employees?

Although a payroll reimbursement can offer greater flexibility for employees, it also adds additional risk for abuse. For example, with payroll reimbursement an employee simply has to hand in a receipt of purchase to the appropriate department. To unfairly take advantage of this, an employee could choose to max out the purchase price, turn in the receipt for maximum reimbursement, then return the boots for a refund and use the funds for something else, perhaps buying a cheaper pair of boots and pocketing the difference. With a boot voucher, they cannot get a cash or credit card refund for any amount covered by the voucher; therefore, greater compliance with company policies is easily achieved. Refunds for boot voucher purchases are generally issued as credit back to the company account who can in turn re-issue a voucher if warranted. 

Do you sell steel toe or composite toe boots?

Yes. We offer both steel and composite toe boots and work shoes from many of the top brands in the industry. All safety shoes at Chaar meet ASTM and/or international standards for safety and contain appropriate labeling.