Nulo FreeStyle Grain Free Sardine and Beef in Broth 2.8oz

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Enhance your kitty’s next meal with a savory sauce made of real ingredients you can see with Nulo’s FreeStyle Sardine & Beef in Broth Cat Food Topper! Containing just four ingredients—wild-caught sardines and minced beef in sardine and beef broth—this all-natural meal enhancer is a deliciously simple culinary creation your cat will adore. It’s packed with animal-sourced protein to support lean muscles and the high moisture content will help keep your kitty hydrated and healthy. Plus, this premium meal supplement is made without any gums, tapioca, potato starch, grains or other additives—just real food. Perfect as a protein-rich snack, side dish or meaty gravy, it’ll turn any meal into a masterpiece.


Sardine, Sardine Broth, Beef, Beef Broth.

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