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5 Tips for a Stress-Free Pet this Holiday Season

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5 Tips for a Stress-Free Pet this Holiday Season

1. Keep your daily walk and play routine.

Busier schedules often interrupt our normal routines. Keeping your daily walks and playtime is the best thing you can do to lessen abnormal or destructive behavior due to excess energy. Walking your dog is also proven to reduce your own stress.

For those cold and blustery days we recommend a good quality insulated jacket for you and for your best friend. Snowy sidewalks? Take a look at our insulated boots for you and paw protectors for your dog.

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A cozy, quiet place for your pet to escape to is essential when the house gets full and busy!

2. Give your pet a quiet place of their own.

When friends and family visit, pets often can be the center of attention. Be sure they have a quiet place to retreat to when they get tired or overwhelmed. We recommend moving their beds or crates to an unused room they are familiar with - a yummy treat or chew helps too!

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Toys and chews work wonders to keep pets out from under foot during holiday visits.

3. Keep them busy.

In between walks and playtime be sure to provide chews and toys for your pets that will keep them entertained and stimulated. We recommend treat-dispensing and mind teaser toys for smarter animals!

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Bad behavior and habits should be assessed immediately.

4. Monitor behavior.

Even well-behaved pets can act out due to stress. Be sure not to let naughty behavior or habits slide and, especially when the home is busy, to reward good behavior. Does your pup need a refresher? 

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Calming Supplements can take the edge off destructive behavior.

5. Try an all-natural calming supplement.

We have a great selection of all natural calming supplements that can help take the edge off of pets that are easily stressed by change of routine, company in the house, or reduced physical activity. 

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