Dog Behavior & Psychology Seminar April 14th 2012

Sat Mar 24th 2012


April 14th
@ 2:00PM




Canine Behavior & Psychology: The 4 Quadrants of Learning - with Dog Trainer Jean Brown. Sometimes dog owners actually teach their dogs bad habits (accidentally, of course!) because they are not looking at what is being reinforced. Owners may also mistakenly keep their dog from learning positive skills. How can we avoid teaching bad habits, even fear and aggression? But conversely, how we can undo some of those bad habits? Dog Trainer Jean Brown offers unique insight on the psychology behind dog training. Learn how to build a positive relationship between you and your dog while maintaining healthy rules and boundaries.


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No cost to attend. These seminars are for YOU, please leave your pets at home. 

More on Jean Brown:
Jean Brown is a Licensed Social Worker in Easton, PA. She graduated from Merrimack College with a Bachelors in Psychology and Marywood University (1987) with a Masters in Social Work. She has worked extensively with adults and adolescents in many professional venues and observed that her pets could break down barriers to treatment.  Jean uses her pets as models for positive parenting, confidence builders for adolescents and a means to mitigate symptoms of  anxiety and depression.  

Jean has been training dogs professionally since 1999 and is a member of the APDT. She uses all positive methods in teaching classes and private lessons-- from puppy to intermediate, clicker and tricks classes.  Jean works with local SPCA's, adoption groups, Northampton County Communicty College