Chaar Stores Open During Coronavirus / COVID-19 Outbreak

Tue Mar 17th 2020

Last modified 5/20/2020

According to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf's statement, veterinary clinics and pet stores are considered essential services.

Our stores are currently open, but STORE HOURS HAVE BEEN MODIFIEDClick here for our hours.

We are offering curbside pickup at any of our stores if you prefer not to enter. Just call to order.

Allentown Store: 610-437-9978
Saucon Valley Store: 610-419-6623
Forks Township Store: 610-829-6090

Our staff has been instructed to take extra precautions to disinfect surfaces frequently, maintain regular hand washing, and avoid unnecessary contact with others. We suggest that you also wash your hands before and after any shopping trips or other ventures away from the house.

We have implemented social distancing measures in our stores. We ask that our staff and customers maintain a safe distance of six feet of physical separation during interactions at the stores. 

Currently all individuals who enter the store must wear a mask. 

We are working to keep necessary supplies in stock. We are working with our suppliers to keep necessary goods in stock; however, due to increased demands, some items may still be out of stock at times. If we are out of stock on an item our staff has been trained to help identify the closest alternatives. 

Grooming services are now operating. However the public may not enter the grooming salon portion of our store. Grooming is currently by appointment only and is offered as a 100% contactless service. Special procedures are in place for the safety of the public an our employees. We are currently only able to offer "Full" and "Basic" grooms. Walk in service, nail-trim only services, and self wash are not available at this time.