Crates, Gates & Ex-Pens

Dog crates are a great way to keep your dog safe and out of trouble when your not around.  Dog crates can also greatly reduce the time it takes to potty train a young puppy.  A lot of dogs that are used to going in their crate also see it as a place to just relax and get a little quiet time when they're feeling sleepy.

Don't think a crate is for you?  Maybe you should try an exercise pen.  Exercise pens are collapsable, portable, and versatile.  You can expand them to give your dog a little more space to roam or fold a few panels back for a more confined enclosure.  Exercise pens even work to block off a room in your house or give your dog a small area to hang out outside. 

Want even more space than an exercise pen can provide?  Try an outdoor chain link or wire kennel.  They are easy to set up, secure, and durable.  Kennels come in several sizes and can even be linked together to give your dog or dogs plenty of worry-free space to roam. 

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