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Bannixx Pet Care Spray 8oz

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    Hot spots are open sores that are hot, moist and red from your dog’s continuous licking, chewing, and scratching. The hot spot is very sensitive and painful to the touch and your pup may lose all of his hair in this area.

    Just about any irritation to your dog’s skin, paws, hips, chest or other area that causes him to lick, scratch or bite, to gain relief, may lead to the development of a hot spot.

    With its no-sting and no-odor solution, Banixx provides quick, soothing, topical relief to your pet – from the hot spot’s initial discovery through the entire recovery process.


    These moist, painful spots that are medically referred to as Acute Moist Dermatitis , can turn into larger, bacterial infections quickly. It starts out as a small, red, irritated, wet-looking area and blossoms in size and irritation in short order. To get rid of it before it worsens, gently and generously pat Banixx spay onto the infection and the surrounding area, twice daily, until the spot is completely gone. Consistency in application is important, as is quality “contact time.” Since it’s a natural instinct for dogs to lick off anything applied topically, it’s best to distract your dog’s attention with food, a walk or a short play session after applying it, so that Banixx has a chance to go to work.

    The Banixx hot spot remedy is well tolerated by dogs because, unlike other topical solutions or dog medicines, Banixx has no clinical odor (remember, a dog’s sense of smell is greater than a human’s by up to 100,000 times  – and an unfamiliar scent will demand his/her attention). In addition, Banixx will not sting, burn or cause further trauma to your pet. And no worries – you cannot overdo the application. Banixx is one of the easiest home remedies as it can be purchased at most local pet supply stores, as well as online, and done completely in the comfort of your home. The antiseptic spray is very effective thanks to its unique pH level that does not allow bacterial or fungal growth. Without bacteria, an infection simply fades away – it’s a very natural process!

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