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Why train at CHAAR?

At Chaar we focus on the family dog and set goals that are worthwhile and easily attainable. Our humane methods can help create a well-behaved companion that knows not only basic commands, but life skills as well. You’ll learn a lot in our small, personable classes. Our flexible schedule makes it easy to find time to train and our trainers are available to answer any questions you may have. 

What methods do we use to train?

There are so many methods you can use to train your dog and many opinions on what’s best and most effective. At CHAAR we believe in a positive motivational approach.  We teach owners how to set their dogs up for success and reduce mistakes. By repeating and reinforcing in a positive manner we develop quick responses, instill confidence and nurture intelligence. This creates strong bonds between pet and owner out of respect and pleasure rather than fear.

What will you need?

  • The whole family - anyone who will be actively handling and training the dog at home should attend so everyone is learning how to train the same way (children must be 10 years or older and have approval by the Trainer to participate in class).
  • Veterinary record of vaccinations (Current proof of Rabies vaccination is required - young puppies that are not yet vaccinated are exempt but should have had at least their first set of puppy shots to join a group class.)
  • Regular collar, 4' or 6' leather or nylon leash (no retractable leashes, choke chains or choke leads).
  • 2 - 3 flavors of small, soft training treats and treat pouch.
  • Comfortable footwear (no heels or sandals). We also recommend bottled water for yourself as you may be quite active during class.
  • Owners wishing to clicker-train their dogs may also bring a clicker but we do not require them.

Our Classes


Puppy Kindergarten

For: Puppies 4 weeks - 5 months old.
Duration: 6 week course.
Price: $180

Sundays @ 11:30am starting: Sept 8

               @ 2:00pm starting: Aug 18

Get your puppy started on the right paw. This class covers key learning stages to help nurture a positive, up-beat personality in your pup. Socialization and exposure to obstacles and challenges allow your puppy to take on new experiences in a positive and controlled environment. Learn how to get and keep your puppy's attention, start them in basic obedience, calm them down, and teach them good manners & doggie etiquette. Common puppy problems such as housebreaking, rough play, barking, jumping up, chewing, biting, recalls, and many other topics are addressed in this class. This is NOT an obedience class but will touch upon methods used to start your puppy learning commands.

First-time puppy owners and new adoptees/rescues are encouraged to sign up for our Head Start Program.


Level 1 Obedience: Family Manners

For: Dogs 5 months or older.
Duration: 6 week course.
Price: $180

Thursdays @ 7:00pm starting: Sept 12

Sundays @ 12:30pm starting:
Aug. 18th

Foundation skills for every dog and their people. Whether your long term goal is a well-behaved family companion or a competition dog, your foundation must be strong! Basic skills include loose-leash walking; sit, down & stay; coming when called; controlled walking as well as common household skills such as leave it, go to bed, front door manners, etc...

 First-time dog owners, owners of new adoptees/rescues, or dogs with specific behavioral issues are encouraged to sign up for our Head Start Program.


Intro to Agility

For: Dogs 5 months or older. No pre-requisite but a good sit-stay is very helpful!
Duration: 6 week course.
Price: $180

Sundays @ 3:30pm starting:  TBD

Introduce your family pet to the fun and exciting sport of Dog Agility! Our systematic approach is perfect for beginners looking for an engaging energy outlet for their dogs and provides a perfect continuation for dogs that have completed our Level 1 Obedience course. We use modified Agility equipment (approximately half the size of competition equipment) and break down the obstacles on-leash to make it easy for owner and dog to learn their way through to a full course. Obstacles include: jumps, hoops, tunnels, weave poles, A-frames, tables, teeter-totters, dog-walks, and more! Interested in Competition Agility? Ask about our Advance Agility lessons!



Private Lessons

For: Dogs of all ages and breeds.
Duration: Scheduled at your convenience.
Price: $200 for 2 one-hour private lessons.

Work on issues specific to your situation. New puppy or adopted dog owners can benefit from getting a Head Start on training before joining a group class. Bad habits such as jumping up, barking, chasing, nipping, rough play, fear & aggression, stealing/chewing, housebreaking, leash pulling and more can be addressed in private lessons. Great for owners with busy schedules that can't make the scheduled group classes.

Package deals for owners requiring more than 2 - call for consultation: 610-437-9978


Head Start Program

For: Dogs of all ages and breeds.
Duration: 2 Private Lessons & one 6-Week Group Class
Price: $320 (save $40 on your group class!)

For owners wanting to start right away or need a little extra help getting started before joining a group class. Help your dog get a head start on his training and be two steps ahead of everyone else! Great for dogs that need extra attention outside of group sessions.

In-Home Training
For specific training situations that cannot be replicated in our classroom. 
Please call for a consultation: 610-437-9978


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