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How to Clean & Care for Leather Boots

How to Clean & Care for Leather Boots

Mon Sep 7th 2020

Dirt, water, and other environmental factors can break down leather causing it to tear or crack. Proper care will make your leather boots last longer by preventing deterioration that can occur with … read more

Why should you put insoles in your boots or shoes?

Posted by AJ ElChaar on Fri Aug 14th 2020

Do you spend hours at a time in your boots or shoes? The stock insoles in many boots and shoes are simply strips of inexpensive foam that are there to make the shoe feel “good enough” when you try … read more

Grooming Update: Nail Trims

Tue Jul 21st 2020

We are pleased to announce we are resuming nail trims and nail filing as a stand-alone service in our grooming department on Thursday July 23, 2020. For now, nail trims will be by appointment, so plea … read more